Dokha Tobacco and Shisha

Dokha Super Shisha

Brothers in Arms Although dokha tobacco and shisha tobacco both compliment each other and share their roots in Arabic culture, they are both vastly different and unique products. It is becoming more common to see them in similar settings, particularly in shisha lounge establishments and smoke shops, and specialty tobacconists around the world. Shisha has…

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Smoking Dokha – A Beginners Guide

smoking dokha and medwakh- Kingdom Dokha

The Perfect Smoke Smoking Dokha is one of the finest ways to enjoy the Tobacco Plant. Often times however, people struggle with the proper technique. The first and most important aspect is to have a clean Medwakh (Dokha Pipe). An in-depth lesson on Everything About The Medwakh can be found HERE. Once your pipe is…

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Counterfeit Dokha Filters, Medwakh and Accessories

Counterfeit Medwakh Filter

Counterfeit Filters Like any rising industry, companies are always looking for opportunities to cash in to make a quick turnover regardless of quality, reputation, or general business ethics. The dokha and medwakh industry is certainly no exception given the increase in popularity outside of the Middle East in the last few decades. Counterfeit or low…

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Dokha Tobacco Vs. Cigarettes: A Closer Look

Nasty Cig vs Dokha Tobacco

  Dokha Tobacco, An In-Depth Comparison A small but steadily growing market is emerging in the United States for Dokha Tobacco. There are plenty of questions around this exotic treat from the East that seems to be hitting smoke shops across the country. Most individuals view it on shelf with question and intrigue. Some don’t…

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Tobacco Products in Comparison to Dokha

Kingdom Dokha Tobacco

The trend of alternative tobacco products has had a significant effect on the tobacco market in recent years. The demonization of “Big Tobacco” and growing health concerns over processed cigarettes steer more consumers towards ATP’s or alternative tobacco products. This emerging market has seen significant growth in recent years, particularly among late teen and individuals…

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Curing Tobacco – Dokha and Beyond

Kingdom Dokha Curing Tobacco

,Curing Tobacco The tobacco plant is as diverse, if not more, than any other agricultural product on the market. In fact, tobacco is the most profitable non-food crop on earth. In recent years, the legalization of cannabis in the Western countries may change this fact. For the last 500 years however, tobacco has been the…

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Indigenous Tobacco use, Is Dokha A Drug?

indigenous Use of Tobacco

?The Cultural and Ceremonial Significance of Tobacco Use in Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. The earliest recorded instances of tobacco use stem from the Andes Mountains in Modern Day Argentina dating back nearly 2,000 years. By 600CE it is theorized that tobacco was found throughout the entirety of the Americas. Indigenous cultures from the very…

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Everything About The Medwakh

Kingdom Dokha traditional Medwakh

Traditional Medwakh There are many instances of pipe smoking in the world before the Medwakh. The history of pipe smoking dates back to roughly 2000BCE. Archeologists uncovered long pipes in Egyptian tombs along side mummies of the pharaohs and the elite class of the time. These individuals were buried with pipes so they could enjoy…

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The Importance of Dokha in Arabia and the UAE

Kingdom Dokha oil field UAE

Vital Agriculture in UAE The Arabian Peninsula, including UAE , has always been a harsh and turbulent place for life and the people whom have inhabitated it’s rugged desert landscape. With very few resources and little water, the tribal communities that have called this place home for millennia have always had to be creative their…

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The History of Dokha Tobacco in The Middle East

Kingdom Dokha Premium Dokha

The history of Dokha begins with traditional Native American tobacco. These ultra-intense strains of wild North American tobacco were introduced to the old world by the European travelers and explorers. This tobacco advanced toward North Africa and spread east to Egypt, the Levant, and at last to down to the Arabian Peninsula. These one of…

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