Counterfeit Dokha Filters, Medwakh and Accessories

Counterfeit Medwakh Filter

Counterfeit Filters Like any rising industry, companies are always looking for opportunities to cash in to make a quick turnover regardless of quality, reputation, or general business ethics. The dokha and medwakh industry is certainly no exception given the increase in popularity outside of the Middle East in the last few decades. Counterfeit or low…

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Dokha Tobacco Vs. Cigarettes: A Closer Look

Starter Kit from Kingdom Dokha

Dokha, An In-Depth Comparison A small but steadily growing market is emerging in the United States for Dokha tobacco. There are plenty of questions around this exotic treat from the East that seems to be hitting smoke shops across the country. Most individuals view it on shelf with question and intrigue. Some don’t believe it…

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