The Perfect Smoke

Smoking Dokha is one of the finest ways to enjoy the Tobacco Plant. Often times however, people struggle with the proper technique. The first and most important aspect is to have a clean Medwakh (Dokha Pipe). An in-depth lesson on Everything About The Medwakh can be found HERE. Once your pipe is clean, apply a fresh filter and you?re ready for the absolute best smoke of your life.

First you must load your bowl with a scoop of Dokha from your Bottle and press the Tobacco down with your thumb. This helps to compress the dokha and will assure that none of your dokha will spill. Next, blow all of the air out of your lungs and place the medwakh at your lips. Strike your lighter and begin pulling the smoke into your mouth. Be sure to use a lot of flame, Dokha is a natural tobacco and requires a large fire to light the entire bowl. Now take a deep inhale. On the same breath, repeat the process again. If your lungs can handle it, repeat the process one last time on the same breath. Draw the last of the smoke deep into your lungs and hold for at least 5 seconds.

After Smoking Dokha

Prepare yourself! By the time you exhale you will already feel the ?Laf Raas? or head wrap. This is the nicotine rush that all Dokha smokers know and Love. It is helpful to pour a glass of your favorite beverage and have a comfortable place to sit before you smoke Dokha. The spin lasts anywhere from 10-30 seconds. How long the buzz will continue depends on the quality of the Blend. All of our Premium Dokha Blends can be found right HERE. If this is your first time than congratulations, You are now smoking Dokha in style!