Dokha Temperature

Dokha Temperature: Some like it Hot

Dokha Temperature is one of the most important aspects that a Dokha smoker will need to consider. The Perfect Blend will vary from smoker to smoker. As a result, Kingdom Dokha offers many different Temperature ranges to suit everyone. You measure the range of temperature in Dokha tobacco from Cold to warm to Hot. In addition, there are sub categories that include Over-Warm and X-Hot. These categories describe the actual heat temperature that a smoker will feel in their throat during a puff of Dokha. Cold Dokha is very easy to smoke, whereas X-Hot is very difficult. There is a common myth about Dokha? that states that cold is always weak in terms of Buzz and that Hot is always strong. This is generally a good rule to follow however, it’s not always true. The Dokha in our Premium line, for eaxmple, will smoke Warm- Over Warm and is stronger that some of our Hot Blends. Every smoker has their preference and we have just the blend for you.

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