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Counterfeit Dokha Accesories

Like any rising industry, companies are always looking for opportunities to cash in to make a quick turnover regardless of quality, reputation, or general business ethics. The dokha and medwakh industry is certainly no exception given the increasing popularity outside of the Middle East in the last few decades. Counterfeit or low quality products are…

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Dokha and Other Alternative Tobacco Products

The trend of alternative tobacco products has had a significant effect on the tobacco market in recent years. The demonization of “Big Tobacco” and growing health concerns over processed cigarettes are steering more consumers towards ATP’s or alternative tobacco products. This emerging market has seen significant growth in recent years, particularly among late teen and…

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Tobacco Curing Methods and the Effects in Comparison to Dokha

The tobacco plant is as diverse, if not more, than any other agricultural product on the market. In fact, tobacco is the most profitable non-food crop on earth. In recent years, the legalization of cannabis in the Western countries may change this fact. For the last 500 years however, tobacco has been the king of…

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Everything About The Medwakh

The history of pipe smoking dates back to roughly 2000BCE. Archeologists uncovered long pipes in Egyptian tombs along side mummies of the pharaohs and the elite class of the time. It is presumed that these individuals were buried with pipes so they could enjoy smoking in the afterlife. Other ancient cultures that enjoyed smoking recreationally…

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The Economic Importance of Dokha Tobacco in Eastern Arabia Before Oil

The Arabian Peninsula has always been a harsh and turbulent place for life and the people whom have inhabitated it’s rugged desert landscape. With very few resources and little water, the tribal communities that have called this place home for millennia have always had to be creative their efforts to carve out a living. Although…

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The History of Dokha

The history of dokha begins with traditional Native American tobacco. These ultra-intense strains of wild North American tobacco were introduced to the old world by the European travelers and explorers. This tobacco advanced toward North Africa and spread east to Egypt, the Levant, and at last to down to the Arabian Peninsula. These one of…

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