What is Rapéh?

Rapé Pronounced “Ha-peh” or “Rapéh” is a finely ground Amazonian snuff originating in Brazil. It has its Roots in Tribal Shamanic Medicine. Every tribe uses different combinations of jungle tobacco such as Mapacho, Sabia, Corda and Arapiraca. These are all varietals of Nicotiana Rustica, a potent rainforest tobacco which contains up to 9x the nicotine of more common species like Nicotiana Tabacum. These tobaccos are then blended with other medicinal plants such as ash from Parica (Anadenanthera peregrina) tribally known as Xinsha, ashes from Tsunu Bark (Platycyamus regnelii), and Mint. As with any snuff, it is administered nasally. This is either done with a Kuripé or a Tepi. Both are traditional instruments that tribes will craft out of clay and bamboo. They are then often adorned with a selection of aesthetically pleasing wraps, crystals and animal motifs. The use of Rapé is almost always ceremonial and ritualistic. These ceremonies vary from time of day, to time of the month and even year depending on the tribe and the specific intention that they or the shamans wish to convey.

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