The Ultimate Dokha FAQ

Our Dokha FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions is here to answer all of the important questions that you have about Dokha Tobacco and Medwakh in general. In our Dokha FAQ is an assortment of the most common questions that we receive on a daily basis.


1. What is Dokha Called in English?

Dokha is just Dokha However it is also called dukkha or dukkh , medwakh, midwakh, medaweek and several others according to the dialect. Dokha can also translate to Dizzy or smoke which is the arabic word Dukhan. In the United States it is mostly reffered to as Dokha, almost everywhere else in the world it is referenced as Medwakh which is the name for the Dokha pipe.

2. What is Dokha Tobacco and What is Dokha made of?

Dokha Tobacco is made of sun-cured and finely ground arabic tobacco blended using leaves from different parts of the plant to create different strengths and temperatures of smoke. Nearly all dokha tobacco is going to much stronger than any other tobacco product however each blend can smoke vastly different from the others. The quality of dokha tobacco is usually judged by its strength-to-smoothness ratio, ideally the most premium dokha blends will be pleasant and easy to hit while still sending the smoker into a heavy, spinning buzz. The most important factor for a satisfying smoking experience however, is finding a blend that suits you. Many people prefer the incredibly hot (harr) blends over the cool (barid) or warm (daffi) blends. Of course, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

3. What is a Dokha pipe or MEDWAKH?

A dokha pipe (or Medwakh) is a thin, filtered pipe with a small bowl at the end almost always coming to some sort of sharpened tip. The Medwakh ( or dokha pipe) is often but not always about 6-8 inches in length and carved from hardwoods like cherry or ebony. Dokha pipes can also be made with metal, stone or animal bones and horns. Medwakh range from very plain to incredibly ornate with brass, silver or gold inlays, precious stones and accompanying Chanta. Typically seen on the Luxury pipes, Chanta is a small bottle attached to the Dokha pipe by a chain. These are usually made from the same materials and in the same style as the Medwakh.

4. Where Does Dokha Come From?

Dokha grows in the Middle East, predominantly in the Gulf Arab States of U.A.E. and Oman. However, it is very popular throughout all of the countries in the region. Dokha is now gaining a foothold in Europe and North America as the smoke of choice.

5. What does Smoking Dokha feel like?

Smoking dokha is an incredibly powerful experience. The feeling is often described as ‘Laf Raas’ . This ‘means head wrap’ because of the way the intense nicotine buzz hits the smoker. It is advised to be sitting and to have a beverage nearby to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

6. What does Dokha smell like?

Dokha Tobacco has an aromatic and mild smell that is very unique to the blend. The smoke is generally inoffensive to others present when compared to cigarettes or other tobaccos. Dokha doesn’t leave a lingering smell in the room or on the the person smoking their medwakh.

7.Where to BUY DOKHA?

We have hand selected the finest selection of dokha blends for the discriminate tobacco smoker and offer them on our site. You can also use our STORE LOCATOR to find our products in your local area.

8. How to Smoke Dokha?

To smoke Dokha you need to place a small amount in the bowl and place the medwakh to your lips. Keep the flame on the tobacco while you draw from the pipe. This is important because Dokha is a natural tobacco and will go out otherwise. Fill your mouth with smoke and then inhale fresh air. Repeat this process 2-3 times on the same breath and hold the smoke in your lungs for 5-10 seconds before exhaling. Sit back and enjoy your buzz.

9. How to clean your Dokha pipe / Medwakh.

There are several specialty tools made for cleaning your medwakh. These usually consist of a spoon shaped bowl scraper and a rod for cleaning the inner length of the pipe like this Cleaning Tool?available on our site. Start by removing the dirty filter and using a paper towel to clean the metal around the mouthpeice area. Run either the cleaning rod or a standard pipe cleaner through the medwakh to remove all of the tar from the inside and into the bowl. Clear out the inside of the bowl with your preferred tool and then wipe thoroughly with a paper towl. Blow through the your medwakh to insure proper airflow has been achieved and place a new filter onto the pipe. Your next puff should be amazing!

10. Is Dokha a Drug?

This is a very real question and one that we try to answer as clearly as possible. So much so that we’ve written two articles about it. The first can be found by clicking the link directly above this paragraph. The second article is found right HERE.

Thank you for reading our Dokha FAQ

We sincerely hope this Dokha FAQ has been useful. For a more In-depth look at the world of Dokha and Medwakh please feel free to check out the rest of our BLOG?articles before choosing your favorite DOKHA and MEDWAKH from our fine selection!