Premium Cold Dokha Blend: Sultani 15g


The Cold blend that you’ve been waiting for!


Premium Cold Dokha Sultani

Sultani is a premium cold Dokha that retains all the strength that you’d want from some of our warmer blends.? This dokha is ultra-finely ground and has a mild, earthy taste. The coolest of our blends by far, Sultani smokes easy and has a buzz comparable to Jalid?. For those looking to increase the nicotine content of their hookah, Sultani is a perfect addition to shisha tobacco. It also blends quite well with any other “smoking herbs” that you may enjoy. This is truly the coolest of the cool and smokes like a dream while still offering that incredible buzz that dokha is known for.

Additional information

Weight .52 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2 in

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